A long anticipated addition to the Oberwerk binocular offerings arrived at my door this afternoon — the 25×100 ED Ultra with reworked eyepieces to increase eye relief by 4mm (to 14mm). Hopefully this will not be too much eye relief for me, being something of an oddity who requires minimal eye relief even when observing with glasses.

My cat Wren is shown in the background doubtless wondering if I needed another binocular. I have patiently explained this is an altruistic effort to help others find ideal binoculars with which to explore celestial wonders. Wren is not convinced.

Also note Croc straps repaired with duct tape after Wren chewed them to pieces. She also likes to have her belly rubbed and fetches twist ties. I am wondering about her lineage…

Classic Oberwerk shipping and handling and top notch quality control, every binocular inspected and tested before it is shipped.

The 25×100 ED Ultra (left) is shown here with the 25×100 Deluxe.

ED Ultra on the left in both images. I particularly like the reworked eyecups, similar to those on the 20×70 ED Ultra, which can be easily folded down and snapped back up.

It seems like the weather gods have somehow overlooked this shipment, and the forecast tonight is somewhat promising. (Though now I have totally jinxed that.) Anyway, despite an 11-day 93.6% illuminated waxing gibbous moon, if the skies are somewhat clear first light with the 25×100 ED Ultra will happen tonight, possibly including side by side observations with the the 25×100 Deluxe.